# Method

# Applied Psychology Meets High Tech

Uncover deep human truths and implicit insights with mixed methods.

Technology challenges are human challenges, and humans are complicated. Everyday experience with technology is more feelings than facts. So we feel the best way to root out the ingrained habits, unspoken rules, cultural norms, and mental models behind the visible interactions is to blend technique.

Our work mixes applied psychology, behavioral science, and ethnographic practice with the latest technology tools and platforms to understand people and their relationship with a product.

Mixed methods let us:

  • Gather rich contextual data
  • Unlock unconscious needs and motivations
  • Solve complex business challenges
  • Provide insight-driven strategic direction

# Artificial Intelligence With Heart

Let AI reveal patterns ands quirks in beautifully messy qualitative data.

We care about humans first. Like most qualitative researchers, we see the beauty in the moments we gather. We also see the value in what artificial intelligence can bring to our work.

Occasionally, we use wearables and other biometric tools to pick up on people's moods. More often, we use artificial intelligence to filter through the tangle of videos, audio, photos, and text data. Our goal is to augment human interpretation, not automate it.

Artificial intelligence-powered analysis lets us:

  • Surface behavioral patterns
  • Develop important themes
  • Learn the language of the customer
  • Reveal emotional undertones