# 2020 UX Research Reports

Our core 2020 UX benchmarks and best practices reports cover the following financial services interest areas.

  • Personal financial management (PFM) tools and education
  • Alternatives to traditional banking services
  • Credit cards
  • Retirement and investing
  • Consumer banking
  • Consumer banking on touch devices
  • Business banking
  • Mortgage

In addition to the core reports, in 2020 we're making available two additional reports covering authenticated UX.

  • Authenticated Web Banking
  • Authenticated Mobile App Banking

# Subscription Features

  • Access to subscription data on SoundingBox, our UX research platform.
  • Data on desktop and touch device UX.
  • Data dashboards comparing more than 20 UX metrics with the best site overall in the competitive set, the best site overall, and averages.
  • Substantial subscriber discounts on additional services.

# Competitors

Each report dataset includes covers 10 competitor or peer financial services firms, with a mix of national, regional and consumer-direct banks in the US.

# Methodologies

We collect and analyze the data using our SoundingBox. Participants opt in, and complete tasks on a given site. SoundingBox records interactions and asks quantitative and qualitative questions following the participant activity.

# Sample Size

Each SoundingBox dataset consists of approximately 300-400 unique participants.

# Devices

Participants use a desktop browser, except when mobile banking or mobile devices are the focus. When mobile is the focus, participants will use an iOS or Android device.

# More info

Schedule a call to learn more about our financial services UX research reports and how you can subscribe.