# Services

# Remote User Experience Research

Get insights into why people do what they do, say what they say, feel what they feel.

Remote user experience research is a way to get feedback on an existing product or a prototype. Rather than spend hours in the artificial environment of a lab, we gather feedback from participants in their own homes and workplaces using their own devices.

Remote user experience research can take a lot of shapes. It can be a in-depth interview over a video chat. It can be a moderated discussion with a small group or a larger cohort. It can be an unmoderated session, where participants engage with a prototype or live website, chatbot, or app.

Remote research lets you collect feedback on a global scale without losing the meaningful details. We collect video and audio of participants and their interactions on screen. Then, we translate that rich qualitative data into relevant themes, important quotes, and emotional insights.

Remote user experience research helps your team to:

  • Improve the user experience of your product or service
  • Get feedback on new concepts
  • Map experience to user behaviors
  • Understand emotional impact

# Mobile Ethnography

See people's everyday experience as it happens, captured in their own words and images.

Mobile ethnography puts a new spin on social sciences methods. Ethnography explores cultural phenomena from the point of view of an individual. It used to mean that researchers would spend hours observing people at home or work, conducting in-depth interviews, and collecting artifacts in the field.

Now smartphones can give us a new vantage point on people’s lives. Participants share moments from their lives with video, photos, audio, and text. You can ask people to document a process, make a visual inventory, or share a reflection as they go about their day in a way that feel natural.

Mobile ethnography lets you go broad, recruiting hundreds of participants from around the world. It lets you go deep too, by collecting many stories and artifacts from each participant. You witness authentic moments as they happen. You listen to people tell their own stories. And you end up with rich qualitative data that doesn’t shy away from the complexities.

Mobile ethnography guides your organization to:

  • Discover new ideas
  • Craft meaningful personas
  • Trace emotional journeys
  • Create a product for real-life needs

# Ideation Workshops

Bring people into your design process with structured creative exercises.

Ideation workshops put design teams and everyday people together in a new way. This approach, also known as participatory or cooperative design, actively involves all the stakeholders in the design process. It's a creative way to engage people in the making of a product or service.

Drawing on techniques from design thinking, participants are invited to work with designers, researchers, and developers. This approach can be used to define the problem, to develop the concept, or to evaluate the proposed solution. Workshops can be in-person or remote, with design challenges that get people to think creatively and work collaboratively.

Ideation workshops let people take an active role in product design. By combining important conversations with thoughtful activities, the result is a product that truly resonates with customers.

Ideation workshops bring together stakeholders to:

  • Define the problem space
  • Develop new concepts
  • Align user needs and design ideas
  • Build empathy among stakeholders